Aquarium Maintenance

We can set up a regular maintenance package to keep your aquarium looking beautiful. This includes regular filter maintenance, water changes and tank cleaning. We also test the water and can help with re stocking and aqua scaping.

Pond Cleaning

We can give your pond a tidy up for the changing seasons or give it a full clean including emptying the pond and removing all the silt, re potting any plants and re filling with treated water to restore your pond to its original beauty. All pond maintenance includes filter clean & service.

About South Coast Aquatics

Aquarium Installs

We can consult with you and create an aquatic space that suits you and your environment. This will come with an ongoing maintenance package to keep your aquarium healthy. Great for people who love aquariums but just don’t have the time to do what’s needed.

Filter Service & Cleaning

This can be aquarium or pond. The most important piece of equipment is your filter. Keeping your filter and bioload stable is the best for your fish. We can work out a schedule to keep your filter running well.


We will get you as soon as we can if your tank is in trouble. Our main priority is fish care. The sooner we can address a problem in your aquarium/pond the more likely we are to save it. We save 90% of aquarium & pond crashes we attend.

Aquarium Moves & Removal

If your moving house or need to move your aquarium to another location this can be quite a process. We have years of experience and have a system for this to be gentle as can be on your fish. We can also empty and remove an unwanted aquarium/pond. All fish will always be rehomed.


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